Package Central

for Adobe InDesign

Package InDesign files automatically from hot folders

Offload all file collection tasks to a central system • Serve unlimited users from single station

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Adobe InDesign CS6 – 2024

macOS 10.12 – 14 (Sonoma)

Package Central is a packaging automation solution for Adobe InDesign, which processes InDesign files from watched hot folders. Package Central offloads file collection from InDesign to a central system leaving operator stations free from the packaging process.

With Package Central, production artists, prepress operators and designers simply copy files to hot folders that reside on a network. Package Central then automatically collects the files on its station. Operator machines will never again be tied up by the packaging process.

Hot folders

Package Central runs on a dedicated machine and watches hot folders linked to its workflow settings. The app performs all its tasks automatically and can run absolutely unattended.

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Create PDF and IDML on the fly

Package Central can automatically export InDesign documents as PDF and IDML files.

Automatic error handling

Package Central can skip files with missing links, fonts and other errors.

Email notifications

Package Central can send automatic email notifications during processing. Notifications can be triggered by errors, font activation, process stages and other events.

Variable folder names

Package Central offers variable package folder names based on date, document contents, XMP data and other components.

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"Using Output Factory is straightforward... The time savings are huge. If you find yourself repeatedly exporting InDesign files in various formats, you owe it to yourself to install the free trial and see just how much time you’ll save using Output Factory."
InDesign Magazine
August 2018
"With Output Factory, I've got our magazine production down to six minutes from three hours. It was insane how fast it was. I load all my InDesign docs into Output Factory, press play, go grab a coffee and come back to my entire magazine."
Jeff Middleton
Graphic Designer, Toronto, Canada

Package Central

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