Upload files with email notifications

FTP, SFTP, S3 and  other servers • Automatic email notifications • Hot folders • Encryption and more

macOS 10.9 – 14 (Sonoma)

Send files to remote and local destinations automatically with email notifications

Deliver offers automatic email notifications, hot folders, delivery to multiple destinations, support for major online services, detailed history and much more

For in-depth details on these and many other options, please see below.

Deliver for Mac: FTP, SFTP and other services icons

Watched hot folders

Create watched hot folders for your destinations, drop your files there – and they will be sent automatically. This option only available in Deliver Express which can run absolutely unattended and serve unlimited users on a network.

Deliver Express for Mac: hot folder screenshot
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Automatic email notifications

Deliver solves the problem of notifying recipients about file uploads. Once the file is transferred, Deliver will send an email automatically so you don’t need to lift a finger and babysit your deliveries. Your recipients can download files automatically from a link in the email.

...or copy download link

If you prefer to notify your recipients manually, you can just copy the file download link and include it in your email. 

Variable email templates

The emails are based on powerful variable templates. Include variable data such as file name, destination, server location, hyperlink to your file or its enclosing folder, and more.
Deliver for Mac: Email templates screenshot

Create lo-res PDF on the fly

If you send a PDF file, Deliver can create its lo-res RGB version on the fly and attach it to the notification email as an instant preview for your recipients.

Automatic compression and encryption

Files and folders can be compressed in either .zip or .dmg format. Disk images can be automatically encrypted with a password.
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The app is available in two editions:

Deliver: To send files, drop them on the app’s icon and select the destinations. Each delivery is initiated manually.

Deliver Express: Automate delivery with hot folders. Drop files into hot folders and they’ll be send automatically.

The app can serve unlimited users on a network via hot folders.

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  • Deliver Express
    Standard license
  • Deliver Express
    Enterprise license
DeliverDeliver Express
Standard license
Deliver Express
Enterprise license
Hot Folders
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