BatchOutput Office Suite

for Microsoft Office

Batch print & PDF export from Office

Automate print and PDF production from Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint • Variable file names • Single pages • PDF security and more

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Microsoft 365 / Office 2011 – 2019 and later

macOS 10.9 – 14 (Sonoma)

Automate printing and PDF production from Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. BatchOutput is the only output automation tool for Office users
on Mac!

BatchOutput Office Suite offers powerful professional PDF output options to Microsoft users. Just select your files and adjust output settings, and BatchOutput will do the rest automatically. For example, you can leave BatchOutput to process hundreds of Word files overnight and pick up the completed job next morning.

BatchOutput Office is a suite of three apps: BatchOutput DOC, BatchOutput XLS, and BatchOutput PPT for Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint respectively.

BatchOutput DOC for Microsoft Word: PDF export settings

Batch print and export to PDF

Print and export multiple files to PDF from Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint with just a click of a button. Save many hours of unproductive manual output.

Time-saving professional PDF export options

Whether you need to convert hundreds of documents to PDF or just a single one, BatchOutput Office brings professional PDF output options to your fingertips.

Save as single pages

Split Word and PowerPoint documents into single page PDF files automatically.

Variable PDF file names

Name PDF files automatically using variables such as page number, user name, current date and other attributes.

Optimize PDF size and resolution

Reduce PDF size dramatically and optimize PDF for web, print, and on-screen viewing using BatchOutput’s precise controls. You can also apply versatile Quartz filters to change PDF color tone, brightness and other qualities.

Protect and encrypt PDF files

Protect your PDF files on different security levels. You can encrypt PDF and password-protect it from unauthorized copying, printing and viewing.
BatchOutput PPT for Microsoft PowerPoint: PDF export settings
BatchOutput Office for Microsoft Office: PDF security settings

Automate Office printing tasks

BatchOutput DOC for Microsoft Word: Print settings

Hands-free printing

Output hundreds of Office documents with a click of a button. Just add files to the queue, adjust settings and press Print.

"BatchOutput DOC has been a very useful and timesaving tool to convert massive amounts of Word documents to PDF for the courses that I teach."
Ronald Bellamy
Edmonton, Canada
"I have enjoyed BatchOutput XLS for years now. It has really been a huge help for me to process hundreds of Excel documents into various PDF reports."
Steve Nelson Martin
New Hope Foundation, Beijing, China

purchase options

You can purchase each app separately – or order all three as a bundle at 10% discount

BatchOutput DOC

for Microsoft Word
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BatchOutput XLS

for Microsoft Excel
$ 19
One-time payment

BatchOutput PPT

for Microsoft PowerPoint
$ 19
One-time payment

BatchOutput Office Suite

for Microsoft Word, Excel & PowerPoint
$ 53
One-time payment
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